«Мировое и национальное хозяйство»
«World and National Economy»

Издание МГИМО МИД России |
ISSN: 2713-0983 |

International Capital Flows in 2021 — early 2023

А.Bulatov, Dr.Sc. in Economics, prof., MGIMO University

Major Trends

In this section of the report, the latest trends in the international capital flows are considered against the background of its long-term trends. This is done in order to highlight those trends that have appeared or strengthened in recent years.

Dynamics and structure

The new reality that has come to the world economy in the past decade (a decline in economic growth, a slowdown in economic globalization, an increase in economic and geopolitical uncertainty, etc.) has led to the emergence of new trends in international capital flows, supplemented in the next decade due to the pandemic and the new Ukrainian crisis.